Headings A Journey In Search Banner

Headings: A Journey In Search

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Part 1 of My Experiences in Learning SEO If you’ve researched ways boost your web presence, you probably came across Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To the layman, this is the equivalent to a magical powder sprinkled on to your website that miraculously and instantly boosts it to the top of Google or Bing listings. Before I start talking about headings, …

Wordpress Why I Use It

WordPress: Why I Use It

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There are a million different ways to create a website these days. Many people know the ones that are advertised like crazy like Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Godaddy’s Website Builder, and more. These are all great solutions for simple websites, personal or business, that one can do in the span of a few days. These solutions are good for basic informational …

Business Website

The Importance Of A Business Website

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The importance of having a “business website” Having a website is equally important for a small, big, new, or old business. It is actually a necessary part of marketing strategy of any business concern. These websites are a trendy and new age idea for the growth of a business. There are several reasons now that every company should use one …