Wordpress Why I Use It

WordPress: Why I Use It

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There are a million different ways to create a website these days. Many people know the ones that are advertised like crazy like Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Godaddy’s Website Builder, and more. These are all great solutions for simple websites, personal or business, that one can do in the span of a few days. These solutions are good for basic informational and e-commerce sites, but for anything more complicated, road blocks can appear. That is why I use WordPress to build my websites. WordPress is open source software that anyone can use to build a website, blog, e-commerce site, and more. What I love about this solution is its supreme customizability. I have made super simple websites for friends and family that are just for fun that only took maybe an hour. Other, more complicated sites such as this one was just as accessible, though more labor intensive, to make.

Why I Like WordPress

I am not good with coding a website. I can write a few lines of html and css, but I always need help. WordPress is a powerful tool for someone like me or even power users and novices. Every page you create can be typed out and edited like you would a word document or, if you are feeling a little nerdier, you can go straight into the html editor and really customize the page to fit your needs. So, why don’t all WordPress websites look the same?


Themes are, in my opinion, one of the two big reasons why so many people love WordPress. There are tons of developers who create free and paid themes which can seriously enhance the look and functionality of websites. Themes can seriously set your website apart from others without much work. But beware; if you use a free theme, the likelihood that someone else has a similar looking website greatly increases.


In WordPress, there are extensions to the platform known as plugins which can greatly expand the functionality of your website. These little workhorses can turn your website from a basic informational site to a powerhouse full of cool tools, photo galleries, search engine optimized (SEO) content, and more! There are multiple markets where developers are constantly putting out both free and paid plugins for a ton of different uses.


One of my favorite things about WordPress has to be the crazy amount of information about it. WordPress is reported to power approximately 26% of all websites online! Think about how many websites there are, and then consider that ¼ of them are all on WordPress. This fact makes it easy to imagine why there are just so many resources made to help people like you or me to troubleshoot their site.


So whatever you choose to do when making a website, I would urge you to consider a wordpress based one. I will admit, the learning curve is certainly higher than some other solutions. However, I still believe the payoff and the near infinite different pages and designs that can be created is a huge reason to get into this platform over others.

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